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Palo Alto Empty Login Page

I was working the other day on a Palo Alto firewall running version 10.0.2, and all of a sudden it kicked me out and I could only see an empty login page. I could not see anything on the login page but the background image shown below. I tried to refresh the page a couple of times with no luck, it was only still showing the login page background image.

I've also tried to close and reopen the browser, nothing changed, similar with different browsers. then I though maybe the web server on the firewall was stuck. In fact, that seemed to be case, and to fix this, I had to restart the web server from the CLI using the following command:

admin@PA> debug software restart process web-server 

Process websrvr was restarted by user admin

Right after, the web page came back with the username and password fields as normal.

This wraps up this mini post about Palo Alto empty login page.

Thank You for reading!

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