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ISE All Nodes Must Have Same Version

Before we try to add an ISE node to our ISE cube, we need to make sure all the nodes are running the same exact software version. If not, ISE won't allow us to add that node. This is applicable for both the major and the patch releases. For instance, if we have the two nodes with version 2.7 installed, and one with patch 1, then ISE won't allow us to add the other node.

ISE Add Node to Deployment Same Version


Notice the appended number 1 at the end of the software version running on the PAN. That indicates the PAN has patch 1 installed. However, the other node we were trying to add has not. To fix this as we mentioned above is that all the nodes in the deployment must have same exact software version before we try to add any node.


This wraps up this little post about ISE node same software version requirement.


Thank you for reading!

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